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Intended audience for an item, i.e. the group for whom the item was created.

Usage: Between 100 and 1000 domains
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from Audience
audienceType Text The target group associated with a given audience (e.g. veterans, car owners, musicians, etc.).
geographicArea AdministrativeArea The geographic area associated with the audience.

Instances of Audience may appear as values for the following properties

PropertyOn TypesDescription
audience CreativeWork  or
Event  or
LodgingBusiness  or
PlayAction  or
Product  or
An intended audience, i.e. a group for whom something was created. Supersedes serviceAudience.
grantee DigitalDocumentPermission The person, organization, contact point, or audience that has been granted this permission.
permitAudience Permit The target audience for this permit.
recipient AuthorizeAction  or
CommunicateAction  or
DonateAction  or
GiveAction  or
Message  or
PayAction  or
ReturnAction  or
SendAction  or
A sub property of participant. The participant who is at the receiving end of the action.
sender Message  or
A sub property of participant. The participant who is at the sending end of the action.
toRecipient Message A sub property of recipient. The recipient who was directly sent the message.
touristType TouristAttraction Attraction suitable for type(s) of tourist. eg. Children, visitors from a particular country, etc.

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