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A US-style health insurance plan, including PPOs, EPOs, and HMOs.
PropertyExpected TypeDescription
Properties from HealthInsurancePlan
benefitsSummaryUrl URL The URL that goes directly to the summary of benefits and coverage for the specific standard plan or plan variation.
contactPoint ContactPoint A contact point for a person or organization. Supersedes contactPoints.
healthPlanDrugOption Text TODO.
healthPlanDrugTier Text The tier(s) of drugs offered by this formulary or insurance plan.
healthPlanId Text The 14-character, HIOS-generated Plan ID number. (Plan IDs must be unique, even across different markets.)
healthPlanMarketingUrl URL The URL that goes directly to the plan brochure for the specific standard plan or plan variation.
includesHealthPlanFormulary HealthPlanFormulary Formularies covered by this plan.
includesHealthPlanNetwork HealthPlanNetwork Networks covered by this plan.
usesHealthPlanIdStandard Text  or
The standard for interpreting thePlan ID. The preferred is "HIOS". See the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for more details.
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url URL URL of the item.

Instances of HealthInsurancePlan may appear as values for the following properties

PropertyOn TypesDescription
includedInHealthInsurancePlan Drug The insurance plans that cover this drug.


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